beer pong and taxes

27 10 2006

Lynn Swann plays beer pong. I don’t know about you, but if I was voting in Pennsylvania, that would be enough for me. Vote for Lynn Swann.

In other election news, the Drudge Report broke a story about the George Allen & Jim Webb race in Virginia. Webb has written some very graphic novels in the past. You can read the rest of the book quotes over at Drudge’s site.

Taxes are always a key part of anyone’s political career. Raise them or lower them, they’re there. Someone needs to run on the inclusive tax ticket. It would make it a law to include the tax in the price of an item. No longer would there be tax added on the end of the bill. Instead, tax would be included in the price. An item would no longer cost $1.07 when originally marked at $1.00. Instead, a $1.00 item would cost $1.00. This new law would help eliminate the need for pennies and would one day remove the need for change altogether, turning coins into a collector’s item and helping to boost the economy by their sale to collectors.


Jim Webb now responds to the criticism by saying it does not describe a sexual act. Gosh, that’s interesting.

facebook responds to the kick in the face

8 09 2006

To the cheers of its throngs of users, Mark Zuckerberg has issued another blog entry that apologizes for the way news feeds were introduced and the privacy issues that arose.

This is proof that if approximately 750,000 people unite in a about three days, change can occur. How can this be harnessed into changing something more important? Is there a way to get people to do more than to join an online group? Or is there a way to use that group as a mandate to take action?


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