Inherent Tendencies

20 07 2005

I have come to the point where I can honestly say in the same sentence that people change and that people don’t change. It’s seems to be a paradox, but it’s definitely true.

People can change. They can cut their hair. They can start getting up earlier. They can get a new job and learn new skills. They can get an education. They can start smoking. They can stop smoking. Start drinking and stop drinking. They can change to where you won’t be able to recognize them.

People can’t change. They can get up ealier, but they’ll still always be late. Once they start drinking, they can’t stop, ever. They always revert back to their habits. They can cut their hair, but it will grow back.

So what do we inherently do? What can we really change? What can’t we? Does something allow us to change things that we otherwise could not?




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