New Orleans

1 09 2005

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I almost cannot believe what is happening in New Orleans. It has me on the verge of tears. I cannot believe this utter depravity. This disgusting animal instinct that is sweeping those people.

Where is the American spirit? Where are the people banding together for a common good? I read this article and I am just in shock. I then read 7 more articles and each one is the same. The looting, rioting, and crime is horrific.

Why isn’t the federal government there? Why is order not being restored? Why is there disorder to even deal with? Can these people not deal with a crisis? It has to be such a disaster there, but de Tocqueville spoke of Americans banding together in the face of adversity. Why are people shooting at helicopters and people attempting to evacuate hospitals?

I can’t comprehend it. People are being raped and beaten at the convention center where refugees are staying. Where is this animal like behavior coming from? Why is it necessary to send in 30,000 National Guardsmen to restore order and stop the carjackings, looting, and gunfire?

It’s really sickening. One other observation is that in all the pictures I have been looking at, I haven’t seen any white looters. Zero. No matter what though, it has to stop. President Bush has said he’s sending help. Where the hell is it? And why isn’t this situation being cleaned up? I support GW through a lot, but it doesn’t seem like a damn thing is being done to restore order. Start shooting anyone who is looting.

It has to be a scary place. I would be scared. I would also be holed up in my house with a gun ready to blow the brains off of anyone who tried to break in. The situation in Lousiana and Mississippi seems worse to me than September 11, 2001. It was terrorists who did that. This was a storm. And people are making it worse.

There’s nothing to do but pray. Those people need it. Especially the Christians who are in the middle of it. Pray that they will be protected.

Randall Robinson is claiming the blacks in New Orleans have resorted to cannabalism because no one has brought them help, specifically food, in the aftermath of the hurricane. It’s been four (4) days. 4!! People are starving to death after four days? Give me a break. The human body can go weeks without any food. People are so desperate that they have resorted to eating corpses? That is prepostorous! Randall provide no evidence for his outrageous claim and there have been no corraborating reports from anyone as thousands of National Guardsman pour into the city today. However, if the reports are found to be true, I say abandon New Orleans and everyone there. I want nothing to do with people who will resort to eating corpses after four days of being without food. What type of person would stoop to this? This is not the Donner party. This is not being shipwrecked on an island. This is four days after a hurricane swept through. What kind of person would not be so repulsed that they would be able to consume human flesh so soon after such a tragedy?

I find this claim by Robinson to be totally out of line and most likely false. I find it disgusting that he would even attempt to draw media coverage and sympathy by such means. I cannot believe this is true. But as I said, if it is true, remove every bottle of water, National Guardsman, loaf of bread, and dollar of aid. Let these repulsive savages alone.




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2 09 2005

What do you mean there’s nothing to do but pray? I am by no means discounting the power of prayer, but there is plenty that you can do. Those people need food, water, shelter, and medicine and bitching about the situation on your blog isn’t going to get it to them. Give money. Donate blood. And do it now. Here’s the online sites for the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army. You can donate online, by mail, or by phone. Put your money where your mouth is.
Jason C.

5 09 2005

I totally agree with you. This is such a horrible thing that has happened that we need to pray that God will protect the people down there. We also need to pray that, even during this horrible time, peoples’ eyes and ears will be open to see God and that their hearts will turn toward God instead of pushing Him away! Hope everything is going well at school! I’ll talk to you soon! 🙂

6 09 2005

Good call. Robinson left a retraction on his site since it was originally posted.

6 09 2005

a present for Dubya

5 days

18 10 2005

What you’ve read in the media was a lie (rapes and the like), like most of what is written by the media. Don’t take negative headlines too serious, they’ve been invented to sell the newspapers.–>

8 01 2007

this is a test

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