I’ve Been Poked and Tagged

23 10 2005

I have been tagged or poked by both Allison and Rachel so I will comply with their wishes. I will not be poking anyone else though.

Rule of the Game:
Post 5 WEIRD and RANDOM facts about yourself:

1. I am a citizen of two countries by birth: the United States of America and Canada. This means I can hold passports from two countries and still be President.

2. Up until the past week, I had never, ever locked keys in a car. In the past 9 days I have locked someone else’s keys in their car and then I locked my own keys in my car.

3. I will despise you if you pop your collar. There are all sorts of style fads that annoy me, but this one is the ultimate horror to me. They sell the shirt with the collar down. Keep it there.

4. I write poetry. I won’t let you read it. But it’s there, I promise. And some of it even rhymes, Dad.

5. I’m obsessed with $2 bills. They’re not rare, and you can get them from your bank. So I do, and hand them out all the time when I buy things. I think they’re an under-utilized denomination that should be put into widespread use again.




3 responses

24 10 2005

Will you let me read it?

28 10 2005
Donkey Patrol

Dude, you just inspired me to get more 2 dollar bills! I’ve been holding onto this one in my wallet thinking “Oh MAN this is so rare! Ain’t no one ever gonna see this one!”. So while on the one hand the dispelling of the cherished myth leaves me a bit crestfallen, I’m also overjoyed to know that I can hand out the silly looking things to anyone I want to, and not want for more. Thanks James

6 11 2005

not so sure i like the new colors. but if you were bored enough to change them you should have updated!! 🙂

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