Blogs That Are Boring

16 03 2006

Like most people who have access to the internet, I read blogs. Perhaps I even read your blog. There are about 35 blogs that I regularly read. Any Xanga’s that I read are watched through the ‘Subscriptions’ module in Xanga, but the rest are kept in a Firefox Bookmarks Folder and I just open them all in tabs. It’s an efficient way to keep track of them all and it is a good way to keep up with the people who write them. Who wants to actually call them and ask how they are when I can just read their blog?

Most of these blogs are boring. I delete the boring ones and stop visiting them. My folder of favorites grows and shrinks as people abandon their blogs or start new ones. I have loyalty to some blogs even though they are updated infrequently. Some blogs, like this one, are not an autobiographical work that is about my life. I am okay with that type of blog not being updated often. As in my case, it’s updated when something comes up worth blogging about.

The other type of blog is the boring kind. That is the blog that is a blog about someone’s life. The blogger starts a blog and then writes with a great deal of frequency about what is happening in their life. It’s interesting. They develop a following. But then they stop blogging. They don’t stop entirely, but they’ll update about once a month with a post like the following.

Hey, it’s me. I’m busy, but life is okay. I really need to update more.

This type of blog is boring, boring, boring. I really don’t care if you’re busy, if you are going to write about you, write. If not, remove your blog from the internet.

People like to send me little messages commanding me to update. If I had something to really write about, I would. That’s why I have this blog. I would rather have you look at the same post for a few weeks instead of reading some trashy line about how I’m too busy to blog. This blog may still bore you and that’s fine. You are perfectly free to find me and my little blog boring. However, 117 people have read my blog this week, 55% of them with Firefox. It can’t be that boring then.

I could probably write about my day. That would be boring. I think I’ll pass on that one. I have occasionally posted on topics that have been requested and I’m always open to that. It is sometimes fun to have a writing assignment.

Do you think my blog is boring? Do you think I should post about nothing to satisfy those post whores who expect a post a day?

Whether this post bores you to tears or it made you think, thanks for reading.




20 responses

16 03 2006
Nathan Peretic

Satisfy me, James. Post once a day.

17 03 2006

I think your blog is interesting — probably far more so than my two (Xanga and LJ [preferred]). Post when you have something interesting, not fluffy to say. AND…

Firefox and tabbing are the best! Boo IE!–>

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