This Hour Has 22 Minutes

29 03 2006

1. Maybe Congress should stay away from the Capitol. Cythnia McKinney, a representative from Georgia, just assaulted a Capitol policeman. The officer went after her when she failed to pass through a metal detector. Congressmen do not have to pass through them, but he didn’t recognize her. Well, perhaps if she came to work a little more…

2. If you disagreed with my article on “lazy lawmakers”, check out the comments left on that post. Someone who knows more about it than me has sided with you.

3. At the University of Memphis, a law professor has banned laptops from her classroom. Students are in an uproar because they can’t take notes. Golly, how did your grandpap ever make it through law school? It brings to mind the story of a guy named Neuch who was once playing a level of a game in class that he had never been to before when the professor walked up behind him. Neuch reasoned that there was no way he was closing this level and he continued to play while the professor stood behind him and lectured. Yes, we need our laptops to take notes. I swear. We’re not playing games, chatting online, or surfing the internet. Really. We’re not.

4. Since the post on being an early riser, that article has been the biggest draw of outsiders to this blog. It’s kind of interesting that people from all over the world are seeking to get up earlier.

5. Congress has a major problem on its hands with immigration. America has an even bigger problem. This past weekend, thousands of illegal immigrants were marching in the city streets demanding citizenship, healthcare, and education. Only in America do we have criminals, and now felons, marching in the streets.

6. Stephen Harper and the Canadian government have cut off relations and aid to the Palestinian government after the election of Hamas. While I applaud the Canadians for their stance against a group that refused to even acknowledge that Israel is a nation, Palestinian leaders wondered where Canada even was.

7. Perhaps you’ve seen the sculpture of Britney Spears giving birth. Daniel Edwards has managed to infuriate PETA for having the sculpture on a bearskin rug and both pro-lifers and pro-choicers. Pro-lifers are mad that Britney Spears is representing them and pro-choicers are mad that she’s not with them. Little do they know that Daniel Edwards has neither met nor talked to Spears and just did the sculpture based off photographs, including an alleged sex video. I’m not sure this piece of artwork will inspire you to keep your unborn child, but I do want to abort the image of the sculpture from my brain.

8. Do you remember when that heinous criminal, Slobodan Milosevic, died in his cell before judgment could be meted out? No? Well, I guess we didn’t care about bringing justice to all the people he killed afterall. Here’s a message to all those who committ crimes against humanity: “No worries, you can die from a heart attack in a prison cell. Carry on.”

9. Well, do you remember Randal McCloy, Jr.? He was the only survivor of the Sago Mine accident in January. He’s returning home this week from the hospital he has been recovering at. Now that we’ve forgotten about him and the ones that died that day in the mine, I wonder how much is being done to improve mine safety or to at least be honest about the hazards miners face.

10. New Orleans is selling (on eBay) the unsalvageable buses that were damaged in Hurricane Katrina. Perhaps Ray Nagin should repair these vehicles and send them to Houston to pick up all the refugees that have been increasing the crime rate and clogging the city’s infrastructure. The residents there are quite tired of increased crime and the strain on city’s services.

edit 04/05/2006: Right now, this page is the #7 result for searching for “Cythnia McKinney” on Google.




2 responses

29 03 2006
Libby Greene

forget about the evening news. just read james’ blog!

29 03 2006

That Britney sculpture is enough to make a person lose sleep though, isn’t it?

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