Needles, Waffles, & the BMV

18 08 2006

I think I prefer the bulleted approach to daily journaling:

  • First thing this morning, I went to the UPMC Womancare Center to get bloodwork done. I was hoping for lots of 20 year old girls, but there was just a bunch of menopausal old women. The nurse next to me was named Kenya. I was going to ask her if she was from Kenya, but she obviously wasn’t and I’m not sure that it would have gone over well if I would have made small talk about me going to Uganda and that being near her namesake country.
  • I made a waffle for breakfast to break the fast I was on for the blood test. I’ve switched to only using maple syrup.
  • I drove to the BMV, renewed my drivers license for $24, and drove home in 30 minutes. Not only was there not a line at the BMV, the ladies were friendly and there was no hassle, something usually associated with government offices.
  • In an attempt to find the best media player, I installed iTunes. I’ll put a review of what I find up soon, but I’m now offcially trying out an Apple product. The last time I used an Apple was 7th grade.
  • Better now than later, I went through the important mail that I got this summer.
  • I activated my new debit card which I will most likely never use. It does have PayPass which seems like a cool idea, but one that doesn’t really strike me as something I need.
  • I printed my annual credit report from It’s kind of funny to see all the credit card companies that check my credit so they can send me lots of credit card offers.
  • I caught up with the summer’s issues of Smithsonian Magazine.
  • This afternoon, I revived another old pastime and did some brush clearing and burning. It was a pretty big fire.
  • For dinner there was manicotti and I made a nice salad.  I prefer salads that I make because I can choose the ingredients.  Tonight was green leaf lettuce, red leaf lettuce, tomatoes, and onions.  I like them simple and fresh.

Today’s weather was the kind of crappy weather that I hate about this region of the country.  It was humid, gray, and hot.  Miserable.




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