welcome back

27 08 2006

Well, it is back to humidity, rain, and no internet. You’d think with all summer to prepare for our return that they would fix the network. But no, it’s the same.

It’s wonderful to think that this is going to be the last fall that I start school. Is it sad? No. Is it joyous? Not really. It’s just nice.

The right button on my mouse broke. You would think that you wouldn’t use it that often, but I really do. I just ordered a new mouse off of Amazon, but it won’t be here until at least Thursday. The ironic thing is, this mouse that just broke had a three year warranty. Three years ended about two weeks ago.

I have 8 AM classes every day of the week. It’s kind of depressing to finally be a senior and then be banished to the early mornings all over again. I think there is an evil man up in Rockwell Tower that is attempting to short change my college experience.

And now I’m borrowing a wireless mouse so that has saved the night.  Here’s the quick bulleted approach to today:

  • Cleaned up the room some
  • Went to Rocky Springs Presbyterian Church.  It was the friendliest church I have been to while at GCC.
  • Ate brunch at the renovated MAP Cafeteria.  JG did a great job with the lighting, but I’m still not sure it’s going to be a quick task to get rid of your tray.  Speaking of trays, it was so busy and crowded in there today that I wasn’t even able to get a tray.
  • Went to a pointless mandatory meeting about nothing.  I was handed a Crimson and told to read it.  They could have put it into my mailbox with a note and then I wouldn’t have had to take time out of my Sunday afternoon for a meeting.  It brought back memories of that “mandatory” meeting last spring that they said they were surprised to many people showed up for.
  • Had the first chapel staff meeting of the year and the first chapel event.
  • Ordered a mouse from Amazon.com.
  • Backed up my hard drive.

What can tomorrow bring?  Classes and Bon Appetit.  I can’t wait.




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19 12 2006
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