gold & delicious

28 08 2006

It is Day #1. The day when the syllabi make their way from the neat pile stacked in the front of the room to the hands of eager students who scour the pages for the topics that will engage their minds in learning. The day when professors tell their students to look on-line for the syllabus that they posted on the crappy website and details what chapters will not be read, the homework that will interrupt weekends and Monday Night Football, and the date of the final so the students can leave campus at the earliest possible moment.

It is Day #1. The day when students rush to the bookstore to buy the classic volumes that higher education students have devoured for centuries. The day when students find the ISBN of the books they need, look for them on, and then trudge to the bookstore, pissed off that they have to pay full price for a new edition of the same book as last year’s students, with a different cover picture, and the chapters reordered with new numbers in the review problems.

It is Day #1. The day when students greet their friends in the crisp, fall air and laugh over delicious food. Who are we kidding? The humidity is at 95% and it’s a cafeteria!

All jesting aside, the first day of classes is behind me. My last first day of classes. I have four classes and one lab this semester. I am taking HVAC, Finite Element Analysis, Applied Fluid Mechanics, Capstone Design, and the lab.

Things that happened today (as of this moment in today):

  • I ate breakfast at Hicks and ran into GH’s little brother who transferred here.
  • I went to my two classes.
  • I bought a couple binders, paper, and two postcards to mail to Uganda.
  • I ate lunch at Hicks.
  • The internet came back on and I bought my last texbook online.
  • The internet went down and I walked to the post office, the bank, and the organic food store with KP and BS.
  • I bought some Ginger Gold apples at the fruit stand. They’re not as good as the Summer Rambo apples from the other night. The Ginger Gold is a cross between a Golden Delicious, an Albermarle Pippen, and an unidentified variety.
  • I watched the first two episodes of House.  It’s quite good.

Did you know that ISBN stands for “International Standard Book Number”. It is totally redundant of us to say ISBN number. It already has number in the actual acronym. No longer will I say “What is the ISBN number?” I will now say “What is the ISBN?”




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