massive attack

30 08 2006

The temperature dropped significantly today. I was cold when I woke up.

Here’s what I did today, including minute and insignificant details. One of these is false. You figure out which one.

  • Ate breakfast in Hicks. I had oatmeal, an apple, a nectarine, and a glass of water.
  • Attended HVAC class. I was bored because we talked about mundane things that I already knew and I was even fed some misinformation.
  • Reviewed my resume with Career Services.
  • Sat through FEA. It wasn’t thrilling at all.
  • Met with a faculty member about Uganda. He was excited to see some of the things that I had done there.
  • Met with another faculty member about senior design. I think my project idea is going to be approved and we’ll be on the fast track to success.
  • Ate lunch in Hicks. It sucked.
  • Watched House. I know, I’m suffering from a massive attack of addiction. But I finished the first season.
  • Worked on my HVAC homework. It’s not due for seven more days.
  • Perused the information from the CSO.
  • Consulted some people in Uganda about an upcoming building project. I’m still not used to being seven hours behind Uganda. I mean, obviously most of my life has been spent seven hours behind Uganda, but I didn’t care until now.
  • Wondered where my textbooks were. They were cheap, but they’re taking forever.
  • Ate dinner at Hicks.
  • Did nothing.
  • Forgot to do some things.

Okay, I lied. I actually did all of these today. Everybody lies.




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