i’m having fun

3 09 2006

AB stated today that I am not having fun based on the reading she has done from around the world. She’s been reading this blog. I’m having fun. Is GCC an amusement park, a roller coaster eliciting screams of joyous delight? No. It’s not. But I’m having fun. I’m just happy that this stage of my life is almost over.

Let’s quickly go over the things I dislike about college.

  1. Constantly moving my belongings between my parents’ house, GCC, and my summer residence.
  2. Cafeteria food. This isn’t Google, people.
  3. Professors.
  4. Dorm rooms.

These items (and the ones that didn’t immediately come to mind) do not mean I’m not enjoying college. It just means that this isn’t the bliss that females remember it to be. Based on my scientific study comprised of three females and three males, all of the females missed their university years much more than the males. I’m thinking about publishing a paper.

Anyhow, I’m having fun. And I made that French toast that AB sent me the recipe for and it was quite good. Remember, I modified the recipe. I also attached both versions to this post (AB Version and My Version).

Overnight French Toast




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