all quiet on the eastern front

5 09 2006

It’s quiet outside. It’s really quiet. It’s the eerie stillness that confuses me. It’s Tuesday night, it’s warm, and it’s not raining. I walked through the SAC and it was 75% empty. I walked across campus and only saw three people. I find this rather odd. GCC is not a happening place by any stretch of the imagination, but this is out of character even for here. There should at least be some psychos playing frisbee in the street lights.

I took a civic literacy survey today. I would have liked to see the answers when I was done, because there were quite a few that I really had no idea on. I’m not sure why this was. I’d like to blame some educational system or institution but then I wonder if it’s even a bad thing that I didn’t know the answers. What if they had some HVAC or DFM questions on there? Would most people get those right? (An astute reader of this blog could interject that I wouldn’t get them right either, but moving on…) Maybe an understanding of the government, politics, and the world isn’t necessary. Or is it? I think this is an argument that I could argue both sides of. I think in real life I’d choose the informed position though.

In case you were holding your breath, Suri is real. She’s even in Vanity Fair. I know I was really having my doubts, so you can check it out here. I really think she has Tom’s eyes and athleticism. You can check that out here:

Facebook has moved from the innocent mature version of MySpace and has turned into a sick stalking tool. Their new feeds and mini-feeds are scary. It makes even the most experienced internet stalker cringe. I’m sure my mom wishes she had the capability that Facebook now affords us.

Is there any remedy for yellow jackets swarming in my room? I can’t find their nest outside, and I don’t want to shut my windows. I killed over a dozen in the last two days in here. I need a can of Doom. I looked for a picture or a link for Doom, but apparently it’s only found in Uganda.




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