cindy sheehan is an artless earth-vexing miscreant

7 09 2006

In honor of Sheehan’s new book, Peace Mom, I have put together a Shakespearean insult for her. This woman is a lunatic. In her new book, she says she fantasizes about going back in time and killing George W. Bush as an infant. What?

It’s obviously understandable that a mother would be upset about the loss of her son. It’s also understandable that she could blame the man who is ultimately responsible for having her son where he was at the time of his death. (It’s kind of a long line from the Oval Office to Sadr City, but let’s continue.) But fantasizing about killing the President as an infant?

Here’s another interesting one though. She also is now railing about McCain, Kerry, Hillary Clinton, and others who she was supposedly in agreement with. The problem is though, is that Sheehan has always been a Democrat. Again, I’m not playing the partisan game here, but she’s an anti-war democrat who is now seeking to do what? Rail against even the Democrats who do not support the war in Iraq?

Sheehan has moved from the deceased veteran’s mother to a crazy politcal player. She’s been jetting across the globe, riding the wave of her popularity. She’s had the chance to be in all sorts of venues, doing all sorts of things, like praising Hugo Chavez. Chavez, the president of Venezula, was elected to the presidency legitimately, but not after a failed military coup in 1992. The man is a leader who has no qualms about using military force to secure his position, even now. Yet Sheehan lauds him as someone who is willing to stand up to the United States. Not only do other nations stand against the United States, there are many that do that quite peacefully and with all sorts of decency and tact. Think of Europe’s reaction to the US’s plan to invade Iraq. There were many that objected to that and that stood against it.

So why Chavez? Chavez is already planning to pull a Museveni and modify the constitution he wrote for Venezula so he can run for a third presidential term. This doesn’t sound like the type of very nice person that would let someone like Cindy Sheehan camp on the road to his house and protest him and his government.

Sheehan continues to bash Bush (BushCo is what she refers to the White House as) and compare them to the 3rd Reich. Sheehan also claims that Stephen Harper has a problem with emulating BushCo and claims that Harper is unpopular from coast to coast in Canada. She claims this three months after the guy won the federal election to become prime minister. The best part: Sheehan says Canada needs a “Cindy Sheehan to go to the PM’s residence and demand what noble cause her child died for, or is still fighting for”.

Sheehan has been given too much attention and has taken the typical America course. When given fame and her moment in the spotlight, she has capitalized on that and is now speaking on topics that she is entirely not qualified to speak about and millions are being forced to listen to her senseless drivel. If she wants to rant about how she feels, give her a blog and keep her off television. Let the poor people of Crawford, TX be too. Sheehan complained in another letter that “Camp Casey has not received the media coverage that we enjoyed (or not) last summer—because Cut and Run George has spent less time in Crawford this year than Camp Casey has. For some reason, the media follows him.” I thought the general America consensus was that GW spends too much time on vacation in Crawford?

It’s unfortunate that this post is making me sound like a GW loving right wing nut. I’m not defending Bush, his cabinet, or the war in Iraq. But it’s time that Cindy Sheehan is stopped being portrayed as a grief stricken, teary eyed mom and more like the political activist and tool that she is.
For further reading, here’s an anti-Sheehan take. Here’s a pro-Sheehan take.




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