cincinnati, o-HI-o

9 09 2006

September 8, 2006
11:26 Mike asks if the river in Cincinnati is the Mississippi.
15:14 Matt arrives and the four of us depart.
15:41 Welcome to Ohio!

16:29 Who knew that Akron had rush hour traffic?
17:33 Quick food stop at Wendy’s
17:37 While Matt, Mike, and Dep are picking up their food, I filled the van up. We’re in Belleville.
18:32 Columbus

19:42 Kings Island

19:55 Idiot Ohio driver

19:57 Cincinnati corporation limit
20:09 Van is parked and we’re moving towards the gates. We almost died on the elevator.

20:14 University of Pittsburgh vs. University of Cincinnati

20:48 Dep claims the stadium is “out of pizza” as little kids run around with boxes of it.
21:32 Mike likes the band more than football. What a geek.
21:33 Mike wants to move somewhere with backrests.
21:37 ” ” ”
22:00 ” ” ”
22:49 We move to appease the whiner.

23:31 Some guy forgot to take his Ritalin and is yelling at us as we are lost in the maze of Nippert Stadium.
September 9, 2006

00:21 Skyline Chili. Matt promises it will be worth it. Mike pees for the second time in an hour.

00:47 It was worth it.
01:46 I fill up at Flying J and go to sleep in the back. Dep takes over driving.

03:54 Somewhere around Medina, I take the wheel again. The floor of the van wasn’t that comfortable.
05:03 Flying J, Hubbard, OH. Now Matt has to pee again.
05:38 Lincoln Hall, Grove City, PA




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