make firefox better

9 09 2006

Obviously, you’re using Firefox to browse the internet. I’ll make that assumption because I know that you want to use the best product around for getting the job done. If you aren’t there yet, go here and download Firefox to get started.

That said, there are tons of extensions and add-ons to make Firefox better. Here are the ones that I use and that I recommend. (If you’re using other sweet ones that would make it even better, leave a comment. I’d love to hear what you are using!)

  • Talkback. I think this one was suggested by Mozilla.
  • Tabbrowser Preferences. I like the ability to customize the way tabbed browsing works for me. I hate things that open in new windows.
  • Google Web Accelerator. I’ve saved 48.9 minutes as of this posting.
  • Google Browser Sync. This is a wonderful extension. I can get my bookmarks anywhere in the world.
  • IE View Lite. This lets you view pages in IE by an option on the right click menu on any page.
  • Bug Me Not. This gives you a login to pages that you need to register for. For example, if you want to see an article on the New York Times website, they want you to register. Just right click on the login box and choose “Bug Me Not”.
  • Greasemonkey. Thisone is necessary for running user scripts. These are additional helpful add-ons that can change the way programs are run and the way you interact with the internet. I run three of these user scripts:
    • Automatic MySpace Media Remover. I love this one. It automatically disables any media items on MySpace pages. In the place of the item, there is a box that says the player has been disabled. You can click on that to bring back the media player. This is helpful if you’re visiting a music MySpace, but I really don’t care what the rest of the world is listening to.
    • Facebook Autologin. This one is a timesaver. It skips a step in the process to login to Facebook.
    • Google Reader Subscribe. I use Google Reader as my feed aggregator. This puts a small floating icon in the bottom left of my screen if there is a feed to subscribe to on a website. Just click the icon and you can subscribe via Google Reader.



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