deja abu

10 09 2006

I remember in March reading an article that the Americans were handing over Abu Ghraib to the Iraqi authorities. Now, according to the UK Telegraph, prisoners there wish the Americans would take the prison back so they will stopped being tortured. Funny, I remember the reason the Americans were getting rid of the prison was because of how much hot water they were in over torturing prisoners.

As you might have noted on the news, Uganda has entered into a peace agreement with the rebel group, the Lord’s Resistance Army. However, the LRA is protesting the presence of some of their victims on the delegation from the Ugandan government. The New Vision reports that the LRA is opposed to having these disfigured war victims around. Perhaps the LRA should have thought about how these people who look before they cut off parts of their bodies.

In lighter news, the GCC football team lost yesterday to CMU, 28-0. They didn’t run the Wing-T the whole game and it was fun to watch, even if they did lose. It was just cool to see GCC running a shotgun package with three receivers out there.

Unfortunately, the workload is going to pick up this week. I was having fun not being an engineer for awhile. 🙂




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