Post #96

13 09 2006

Here’s another Facebook update, since it really has been intriguing me. I love that the users of Facebook think that they are the owners of Facebook. This is an IP nightmare in my opinion. Who owns the content on a website? The person running the website or the people who put the information there? The answer of that question may or may not lead to wondering who then should control access to that information, as seen here in the Facebook case. Maybe I’m looking more into this than anyone else, but I’d love to be taking the IP class that I took last year so I could ask these questions to the lawyers teaching the class.

Readership to this blog is steadily increasing. It’s not growing at any sort of astounding rate, it’s just interesting to see. I’m surprised at how many people actually visit here and don’t read this with some sort of reader, like Google Reader or Bloglines. Does anyone out there use Bloglines or something other than Google Reader to follow feeds? And can you offer some comments on them? (I know what you do already, Neil)

It’s cold and it’s raining again. I just went up to the gym to work out for the first time this semester. I need to get back into that habit so I don’t revert to the old way.

Amuse yourself with the “Best of Craigslist“. They may or may not be safe for work.




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