14 09 2006

I read an article that said that if you use words like porn, sex, nudity, and boobs in your posts, you get more blog hits. I’ll let you know tomorrow.

Last night, I realized what it’s like to be the last of the old kind. I was sitting at dinner and was going to tell a story about a guy who graduated in 2004. No one there knew who the guy was. It’s sad to realize that, but all of the sudden I realize what that was like for the guys when I was the one sitting there not knowing who the old guys were.

It is still raining here. Seriously, is this every going to stop? The rain is depressing.

Today has actually been kind of busy. Who knows, I might even do homework tonight. 😛




One response

15 09 2006

How are you doing generally? And how is your family doing as well? Have you started going to school or not? I just wanna thank you for posting the letter I gave you to send to Erica! I really appreciate you for that! Other wise send my regards to your family.

By the way, did you get to talk to Erica? And when are you coming back to Uganda? Don’t you think people here miss you especially Kate and Janet? I got to go home now because I miss my mommy. Bye, bye!

Your Friend,

PS I showed Kate your blog. (she didn’t read it yet though, she just wanted to post a comment.) She said that you were “the cutest and her favorite” intern this summer.

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