we didn’t start the fire

16 09 2006

Lincoln Hall was just evacuated.  There was no fire.

I remember my freshman year when the fire alarm was pulled sometime in the early morning hours, around 3 AM.  I’m glad that isn’t a frequent occurence around here.

Muslims have again been rioting in the streets.  The Pope is the one who set them off this time.  This brings back memories of the cartoon riots.  I’m all for being tolerant of other religions and I’m very much in support of religious freedom.  Are riots really necessary though?  I don’t agree with James Dobson, but I’m not in Colorado Springs being an idiot.  I don’t agree with the Westboro Baptist Church but I am not destroying their compound.

We need to get to the place where we can take insults against what we believe.  Instead of burning couches like a West Virginian, maybe people should think about why they believe what they do.




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