the stupidest advertisements ever (they’re so bad they’re killing the pope)

18 09 2006

Advertisements are supposed to convince you that you want something or that you want to participate in something. Here at Grove City College, people don’t believe in that. They use a technique that only works when what your advertising is really, really sweet. The following are two advertisements that I pulled down from the walls of campus today.

img_7706.jpg img_7705.jpg

These advertisements are two of a plethora of others that dot the hallways, stairwells, and that perfect eye level spot above the urinals.  These adverts don’t make me interested, they bore me.  I’m not intrigued by that which I don’t know.  I just dismiss them as something I do not need.  I do not have 50 minutes to invest in HAL 112 any night this week.  If I enter spoon and duct tape into Facebook, nothing comes up.

Perhaps these groups that are organizing something should try a more effective way to get the news out, like declaring the Pope should be killed.   Unfortunately for these groups, Anjem Choudary has already beaten them to this form of attention procurement.  Today, Anjem Choudary said that the Pope should face execution and anyone who insulted Islam should be subjected to capital punishment.  Islam really is a religion of peace, isn’t it?

the bulleted diary:

  • class
  • homework
  • reading the WSJ
  • class
  • campus tour (to a well-rounded, not home-schooled, athletic student)
  • lunch
  • homework
  • gym
  • dinner
  • MNF: STEELERS at Jacksonville



3 responses

18 09 2006

Sooo… what are you implying here, James? That homeschoolers are neither well-rounded nor athletic*? I retain the right of homeschoolers to be the only people to make fun of ourselves.

What with insulting my major and now this, you are quickly losing points! 😉

*this homeschooler is not athletic, but would not be athletic regardless of what sort of education I received before college.

20 09 2006
former tour guide

with all due respect to alanna, i totally know what you mean about the non-homeschooled student on a tour…

20 09 2006

I am not implying that homeschoolers are always NOT dorky… as a breed we do retain a certainty air of nerdiness (some more than others).

But only we are allowed to make fun of ourselves!

FYI, this is in a totally sarcastic vein. I just like picking fights with James. Although I do think that the world in general needs to be better educated about homeschoolers… you only think we’re all dorky because the dorks stand out.

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