that song that I sing when no one is around

20 09 2006

Today is Take #2 of the Ginger Gold apples. I was tired of the Bon Appetit fruit so I headed up to the fruit stand. They had three types of apples and were actually selling blackberries. They wanted $6 per quart for them. That seems like a lot when apples are $1.50 a quart and pears are $2.50 a quart, but I don’t really have a basis for that opinion.

  • The temperature dropped down to 50 °F and it feels like November.
  • Tonight I’m going to a Guatemala reunion.
  • I can’t make it to this, but you should go.
  • No one told me or anyone else here at Grove City about this until it was too late.
  • For other things that you (and I) have now missed, check this out.
  • I’ve had more homework this week than the rest of the semester combined.
  • I might be addicted to the 1812 Overture.  By the way, this piece of music is not American, even though it’s often played around the Fourth of July.



2 responses

20 09 2006

Duh! It’s Russian! And I know the whole story, too… so there! I am a cultured, well-rounded *HOMESCHOOLER*!!! 😉
Figures you would love a piece of music which calls for the firing of a cannon.

Why am I all commenty this week? Maybe your blog (and others) is a great way to avoid homework.

22 09 2006

you haven’t posted for 2 days. way to live up to your goals. i’m disappointed.

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