things that intrigued me today

26 09 2006
  1. Why do people steal paintings?  Yes, they are worth money, but they are paintings.  Let the rest of us look at them.
  2. Google Transit is really cool.  The thing that makes it really sweet is that Pittsburgh is one of the cities that it works for.  This would have been really cool to have when I lived in Pittsburgh and rode the bus everywhere I went.
  3. Who knows, maybe Dan Brown is right.  They’re going to be doing some scans on the Mona Lisa.  I don’t think they are going to find any mysteries there.  And while, we’re on Dan Brown, I hate him for strictly literary reasons.
  4. I was wondering what would happen if I died to my email accounts.  Would someone be given access?  Would they be forever lost?  Would my emails be published one day in some sort of volume of my personal correspondence?  Now I know.
  5. I really enjoy the BBC News.
  6. Santorum is going to lose to Casey.  This is interesting.
  7. While we are on the subject of art, who know that Hitler was actually a painter, not a dictator?  I think the paintings are quite good.  I need to get around to reading Mein Kampf.  I’ve read the first part of it, but I need to finish it.

That’s all.




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