jobs, careers, and callings

4 10 2006

Today was a high stress day. I spent three hours today selling myself to engineering firms with pretty good results. The results:

  • Two guaranteed interviews.
  • One “call me early next week to set up an interview”
  • One “we’d like to have you come out over Christmas break to tour and interview”
  • One “you’re in our top three”
  • One almost definite offer

Unfortunately, I cannot spend some time reflecting on what this means. As soon as the printer stops printing, I have to get to work preparing for my Applied Fluids exam in the morning. Just for fun and because I like bulleted lists, here’s tomorrow’s agenda:

  • Breakfast with Chapel Staff
  • Speak in Chapel about Uganda
  • Class (turn in personal objectives for senior design project)
  • Study
  • Exam (that was supposed to be at 8 AM, but I moved to 1 PM due to chapel)
  • Job interview
  • Leadership Banquet
  • FEA homework
  • Study for my HVAC exam

I think tomorrow might be a high stress day as well.




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