the necessity of cable television, tony campolo, etc

10 10 2006
  • Grove City College has decided that charging everyone $40 a semester for cable television is a bad idea. It depends on whether you deem cable televsion a necessity. I feel that that Grove City should reconsider this decision. They should either give me $40 cable television or give me $40 to drink away the boredom of the campus on weekends without cable television.
  • Tony Campolo is on campus. He spoke Monday night and is speaking Tuesday morning in chapel. Having Tony Campolo around is great. He’s inspiring, though provoking, and controversial. These are all needed at Grove City College.
  • I have another job interview, this one with Embarq.
  • Akismet Spam has caught 31 spam messages for me. Thank you, Askimet!

If you are really interested, here’s the letter from Student Life & Learning about the cable decision:

Dear Students

Recently you received an e-mail from SGA and Student Life & Learning requesting your input on a proposal from Armstrong Cable to provide “block” cable services in each residence hall and apartment room. Many of you responded via e-mail and/or in person with members of SGA and Student Life & Learning – Thank you!

SGA has compiled the student feedback that they received for purposes of discussion and eventually to make a recommendation to the GCC Administration. As an agenda item for the SGA Senate meeting last Tuesday, SGA members discussed the many pros and cons of this proposal in depth. While there were slightly more yes votes than no, the majority ruling resulted in their recommendation to support the block cable plan.

Members of the College Administration have considered the recommendation by SGA along with other factors related to the mission and practices of Grove City College. After much thought and prayer, we have decided NOT to accept the proposal from Armstrong Cable for block cable service. We do realize that based on the responses we did receive from students in number; the majority of students supported the proposal. We would like to provide an explanation for our decision as listed below:

  • While the majority of those students who did respond are in favor of the proposal, there are a significant number of students who clearly expressed that they would not use the cable in their rooms. Consistent with the intent of our College mission, we simply are not comfortable with charging a critical mass of students for an outside service that they do not intend to use.

  • As elected representatives of the GCC student body, we count on input from SGA in such matters that impact the entire student body. Considering the very narrow margin of yes vs. no votes within the SGA Senate, we did not perceive SGA’s decision as a strong enough recommendation to move forward with the proposal. We do however, thank SGA for their commitment and care in this process.

Where possible, we will do all that we can as an Administration to work with Armstrong Cable in finding ways to make cable TV more affordable for those who do choose to sign up for it on an individual basis.

Students — we are very proud of you for the integrity and professionalism with which you expressed your opinions as young adults in this dialogue. Through this experience, we have all learned more about what it means to live, learn, and even disagree respectfully within a community — for this too is an education.

Our best!





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18 11 2006

Good ol’ Jean-Noel. Isn’t he just a nice guy? I mean, what a nice, rational guy. He’s just so gosh-darn nice. Nice nice nice nice nice. Wow, I really miss him and how nice he is.

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