bon appetit at the gedunk

11 10 2006

I feel a real lack of creativity and it’s hurting my topics for blogging.


Here at Grove City College, this is a big deal. If only they would get Yuengling on tap at the Gee…


Dear Students,

A number of students gathered at the September 19 SGA meeting to hear about Bon Appetit’s plans to provide a Meal Option Program at the Gedunk for students on the College board plan. Feedback at the meeting and since then has been overwhelmingly favorable. We are grateful for Bon Appetit’s initiative in proposing this option to enhance the campus dining experience. Further discussions between the College and Bon Appetit have resulted in selecting Thursday, October 19 as the start date for the new program. Kicking off the program during the fall break is intentional. As with any new program, there will be a learning curve for the staff along with logistical issues that may not be anticipated in advance. We hope to get a start on uncovering these issues during the break when the number of “option” meals will be reduced. We are anticipating the volume for the new program to be high during the first few weeks, so please be patient.

Here are some particulars regarding the program that you should be aware of:

· Students may choose to use the Gedunk in place of a dining hall meal access for lunch or dinner Monday through Friday during the regular academic year

· Serving hours are 1:00 p.m. to 3:45 p.m. for lunch and 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. for dinner

· Student meal plan access is confirmed by ID card scan (ID card must be available, no exceptions)

· Students may choose from one of four different entrée, side and dessert selections along with a 16 oz. soft drink for the Meal Option Program. A fifth entrée selection is available with a dessert and soft drink (no side selection). The menu options are the following (choose one from each category except as noted):

Entrées Sides Desserts

3 Cheese Colonial Burger Homemade Seasoned Chips Rice Krispy Treat

7” Personal Pizza (pepperoni or Side Salad Cookies

cheese) Onion Ring Basket Hand Fruit

Overstuffed Burrito Nachos with Cheese Sauce Blondies

4 Chicken Tenders

Grilled Chicken Salad . . . . . with a dessert and beverage.

Due to the anticipated increased activity in the Gedunk with the Meal Option Program, we would ask that students not reserve tables or leave items unattended on tables in the dining area. The Meal Option Program will be reviewed at the December 4 SGA Food Committee meeting. Suggested changes and adjustments will be discussed at that time. Please watch for the meeting time and location or provide your feedback directly to SGA members.





2 responses

11 10 2006

wow. i’m jealous.

28 01 2007

I’m glad I could provide some blogging fodder when your creative juices were otherwise a bit tapped out so to speak.

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