14 10 2006

Our football team sucks, it was freezing cold, and people still asked about the rules.  But everyone who came back loved it.

Homecoming means more to be every year.  As a freshman, it was just a parade and a football game that started an hour later.  Sophomore year, I worked on a float and it was fun to hang out with all my friends for a day, meeting people in other fraternities and sororities.  Last year, I realized that I had friends who had graduated and that they would be coming back.  And this year, it reminded me that people care about Grove City College and people were coming back to where they once belonged.

It’s interesting that a place where you only spent four years can make such a huge impact on the rest of your life.




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15 10 2006

A co-worker of mine got a cake from that bakery for another co-worker’s birthday. I thought, “hmm.”

I didn’t see you yesterday! Well, I did, but not really. Where were you?!

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