fall break 2006 – the last one

23 10 2006

The other three fall breaks that I had at Grove City College are not memorable. In fact, I can’t remember what I did during those breaks. This year was different.

Wednesday, Dep and I drove to my parent’s house and spent the night there. We played Madden (he swears he is never playing anything newer than Madden 2005 ever again) and stocked up on food for the next few days.

On Thursday morning, we left for Hurricane Campground in Mt. Rogers National Recreation Area. The drive through West Virginia was beautiful with the changing leaves just lighting up the hillsides. We got down into Virginia and set up in camp in the rain. It was a pretty miserable night as it rained until we packed up in the morning.

Since everyone else wasn’t due until Friday night, we drove down in North Carolina to visit Wake Forest in Winston-Salem, NC. It’s a pretty nice campus and the weather there is far superior to that of Grove City College. It’s twice the price, but you get sunshine and sundresses.

Friday night and Saturday saw no lack of wine, tobacco, stories, food, and campfire. There was 11 of us in all and we hiked a short portion of the Appalachian Trail and a few other miles of trail. The weather was great and it’s a beautiful area. Trout fishing, hiking, and football. It was a great Saturday.

All together, Dep and I drove about 1,200 miles. We hit five states, met new people, and had some great experiences.







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