everything i love is killing me

26 10 2006

I can’t believe how many hits I still get because of the posts I wrote about why I wake up early and about polyphasic sleep.  I have changed from getting up so early every morning.  In fact, I think I am less of a morning person that I was a year ago.  Right now, I am going to bed around midnight and getting up between 7:15 AM and 7:30 AM.

I went bowling tonight and did awful.  I used to average around 145 and I didn’t break 100 tonight in the two games I bowled.  That’s pathetic.

The luncheon at the Duquesne Club today went well.  I had fun and it was nice to meet some more alumni and hang out with them there.

Firefox 2.0 is out.  Go get it.

Pros:  Spell check, sleek interface, bug fixes.
Cons:  Google Web Accelerator doesn’t work with it yet.




2 responses

26 10 2006

i’m sorry you sucked at bowling. i remember when you almost had 200 one time.

i watched Walk the Line today and thought of you (that’s why i’m leaving a comment)

what does the title of this post have to do with the content?

29 10 2006

I randomly stumbled across your blog while looking for info on the Lauren Castanza foundation. You had a post about her following her death. Then I was reading your blog to find out who was writing. I quickly realized it was you, James!

Anyhow, I just wanted to say….I bet I could beat you at bowling!!! Not even breaking 100….looks like time for a rematch!

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