the last home game

4 11 2006

I went to the last home football game of my time here at Grove City College.  Grove City pulled out a 40-33 victory over Case Western in a game that was just a shootout.  It sure was fun to watch though.

It’s a perfect day for football.  It’s cold, sunny, and just a little breeze.  Andrew DiDonato threw for 236 yards and Grove City rushed for 140 yards.  Our defense picked the ball off 3 times.  Henry averaged 44 yards a punt and he had some really nice ones today.

Grove City drops to 2-7 with one game left next Saturday in Kings Point, NY.  Do we suck?  Yes.  It’s still a heck of a time to go to games.  I love football.

In other sports news, Maryland took Clemson today in what appears to be at least a small upset.  Pitt lost to South Florida and Penn State lost as well.  Always making me proud, Youngstown State pulled off a win though in I-AA.

Broncos at Steelers tomorrow.  I’m betting Nichole calls me soon.




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