49 steps

8 11 2006

There are 49 steps going to the basement to Lincoln Hall. I walk down these steps to do my laundry about every other week.

In Uganda, Ruth always did my laundry when I lived at Maggie’s house. It was such a treat to have a washing machine and someone to do my laundry for me. I washed by hand sometimes, using Omo. Omo is the soap of all soaps. It’s used for clothes, dishes, cars, and everything else that needs to be cleaned. It’s quite simple. If it needs cleaned, use Omo.

Here, we have hand soap, body soap, car wash soap, and laundry soap. Let’s simplify. Pass the Omo.

The Democrats took control of the House last night and possibly the Senate. One of my friends eloquently put it best. He said, “I’m excited that the Democrats won, not because I agree with all of them, but because it will light a fire under the Republican’s asses and turn them to ideals.”




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