11 11 2006

It’s been one of those weeks that lends itself to a foul mood. The combination of so many things has caused this to take a dive into being fouled up.

It’s easy to say that our response should not be negative and that there should be a positive response to what happens. However, this week I have consistently made poor choices and made the wrong moves.

Maybe it’s okay to put on the happy face and plunge to the next step, but it’s a sad consequence that others are hurt by our bad choices and that our choice may have caused them to step back.

The world seems so big until you really start looking at it. Then you begin to realize how connected everything and everyone is. It’s an unfortunate reality that our decisions and actions have such an impact on so many.

Maybe sometime the lesson will be learned. Maybe the reality will strike that arrogance comes crashing down.

Someone should invent a crystal ball to show me weeks like this in advance and then plan out a game plan for how I show act and respond.





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