Glory Road

18 11 2006

I now am a Netflix subscriber.  The first movie I received was Glory Road.  I really like sports movies.  Friday Night Lights, Remember The Titans, The Rookie, Field of Dreams, and Hoosiers all are some of my favorites in this category.

Glory Road is rated PG and is also a Disney film.  Both of these made me leery about it.  I didn’t realize that it was a Disney film until I started the DVD so I wasn’t going to quit then.

Glory Road tells the story of Don Haskins as he coaches the Texas Western Miners, a crappy NCAA Division I basketball team.  I think the main reason I liked this so much was the racial undertones.  This movie did a great job painting the picture of how rascist society was and how poorly the black players were treated.

It’s been said that Don Haskins changed basketball with his Texas Western team.  This film takes you there and shows you how it happened.




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