21 11 2006

This seems to be the best way to make Bratwurst.  I adapted a couple of different recipes and ideas for this one.

These are my ingredients:

  • Bratwurst (I used 5 Johnsonville bratwurst)
  • Beer (I used two cans)
  • Butter (I used about 2/3 of a stick)
  • Onions (I used about 1 1/2 cups, sliced)
  • Salt and Pepper (Just dashes of each)

I put all the ingredients into the crock-pot for about three hours.  It was simmering quite nicely.  I took them out of the pot and put them on the grill while I boiled all the juices for a few minutes to make sure there was no raw pork in there.  I put the grilled bratwurst back into the liquid until I was ready to eat.  Don’t poke the bratwurst or it will let all the juices out.

I used some nice bakery buns for the bratwurst and put the onions onto them.  This is very nice with some stone ground spicy mustard and a little ketchup.




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