27 11 2006

Today I rediscovered Plumb.  My friend Jimmy really loved Plumb back in the day, but that was back in the day.  I thought Plumb had disappeared like all the bands of that era: The Orange County Supertones, Five Iron Frenzy, Skillet, The Insiderz, Petra

The Pittsburgh Steelers are absolutely dismal.  They suck almost as badly as the Cleveland Browns.  My life might end if they their record goes below that of the Browns.

Why are people so upset that Michael Vick flipped the bird to the fans at Sunday’s game?  Every person in that stadium was booing him, swearing at him, and yelling all sorts of obscene things.  I don’t like Vick, but leave the guy alone.  Let him respond to the insults and jeers that are raining down on him.  The Falcons’ hopes for making a postseason run are about gone and that’s unexpected to the Atlanta area.  I guess this brings a new meaning down there for the dirty bird.




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