cut off the nile river?

30 11 2006

An article on the BBC website today revealed that Britain drew up plans to cut off the Nile River from Egypt.   This idea is quite interesting and I’ll admit, it’s genius.  Back in 1956 during the Suez Canal Crisis, I understand that this might have been going through someone’s mind.

Imagine the impact of shutting down the world’s longest river.  That is a huge engineering feat that would have unbelievable environmental and economic impact.  Not only would this have affected Egypt, but think of Uganda, Kenya, Sudan, and the other countries whose ecosystems and economies are linked to the River Nile.

I rafted on the River Nile this past summer in Jinja, Uganda with Nile River Explorers.  To be at the source of the Nile was an incredible feeling.  Jinja is a town on the banks of the Nile that was founded in 1901.

Any way you look at it though, cutting off 7/8 of a river’s flow is a mind blowing idea.




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