war and unrest in africa

30 11 2006

Although the past few weeks seemed to be relatively peaceful to me, the past few days have seen lots of fighting spring up in Africa.  Just reading the news today, Central African Republic, Somalia, Ethiopia, Uganda, Sudan, and the Democratic Republic of Congo are all experiencing violence of some sort.

I’m not sure why so much is going on right now.  Even in Uganda, the LRA has backed out of the peace talks (again).  I’m still convinced that this is going to be the time for peace though.  My personal opinion is that the LRA has never been weaker and that they keep bluffing with South Sudan and Uganda and stalling until they cannot possibly hold out any longer.  Even in Uganda, it doesn’t seem to phase too many people today that the LRA again claimed that they are walking away from the peace table.  The biggest news in the papers and blogs is about the Ugandan who was kicked out of the USA flight school and sent back to Uganda.

I don’t think Africa as a continent will ever enjoy peace as a whole.  I still would love to visit all of the countries I listed above.  In fact, earlier this year I read an article about how you needed to travel around Mogadishu with a 50 caliber machine gun on your vehicle and I could hardly contain my excitement:  I wanted to go.

In the next few days, look for a story about the time Alan and I went to visit Vincent’s house in Kampala.




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