1 12 2006

It just started pouring here.  Grove City isn’t exactly known for its stellar weather, but the rain that just started coming down was reminiscent of Uganda’s rains.  This shower came quickly like the storms in Uganda.

I remember walking to work in the rain with Alan.  I always wore sandals so I didn’t have to worry about wet shoes and socks, but I would be walking through ankle deep running water down the roads and paths.  The rains come so quickly there.  It will be sunny and all of the sudden there will be two inches of water running down everything.  Soon after that, the sun will reappear.  It was interesting that in Uganda, the world stopped when it rained.  If it was raining, no one expected anything to get done or for anyone to show up for anything.  If you thought waiting through an MLB rain delay was bad, try waiting for people to show up for a meeting after it starts to rain in Uganda.

I left my umbrella and raincoat in Uganda for a friend.  Now I’m drenched!




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