pineapples don’t grow on trees

2 12 2006

I was travelling in Hoima when I visited the Wambabya Farm.  Wambabya is connected to the Bunyuro-Kitara Diocese and is also connected with Christ Church at Grove Farm in Pittsburgh.  I was walking over the farm with one of the caretakers when I saw a pineapple sitting on a bush.  I asked him who put the pineapple there and he just gave me a blank stare.  Apparently, pineapples grow on these short shrubby plants and not on trees like coconuts.  I was reminded of this today by wikiHow’s article on how to grow a pineapple.

If you’d like to buy some coffee from Wambabya, you could visit their website, Ugandan Gold.  I will personally vouch for this organization and for the coffee.  I was there, I walked the land, I saw the work.  It was incredible.  The farm is organized by The Christian East African & Equatorial Development Trust (CEED).  You can read more about them and the coffee in this Pittsburgh Post Gazette article.

After we were done walking around the coffee farm, I sat down with some of the people there and ate a fresh pineapple, right off the bush.  That pineapple, together with some of the yellow passion fruit that I had picked up while walking through the farm, were just full of flavor.  The pineapple in the cafeteria here at the college doesn’t come close to the fruit hacked open by the knife without a handle on that warm afternoon.




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