lindsay lohan’s illiteracy

3 12 2006

Apparently Linsay Lohan can’t spell. Neither can half of the other people that I meet or receive emails from. In fact, I make all sorts of spelling and grammatical errors that WordPress, Firefox, and Bill Gates catch for me every day. If Lindsay Lohan was writing a letter of condolence on a Blackberry after receiving news of the death, why should I be upset that she can’t write? She’s paid to act and sing (I think, I don’t really know what she does), but to spell?

So here we are in America, caring about the ability of some 20 year old woman’s ability to spell, but not knowing about the election that is happening in Madagascar right now or knowing anything about the election that just occurred in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

This further leads me to believe that Americans are unwilling to act upon any of their pet causes such as Uganda and Darfur when their real zeal is spent on Lindsay Lohan’s inadequate grasp of the English language.




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