my final fall semester study day

14 12 2006

Ah, study day. A day set apart from all the rest of the days for eager little Grovers to squirrel themselves away into a little nook in the stacks of Henry Buhl Library shushing those around them as they huddle over their stack of note-cards. I, however, have not been sucked into the oppressive feeling of impending doom. My first final is Saturday night at 7 PM. Today has started in a relaxed fashion. The weather is warm and the sun is smiling down at Grove City College, perhaps the only time in the next week that the great star will make an appearance. I had some Panera bagels for breakfast, some fantastic coffee, and told stories with some of the people I work with here. A grand way to start a day that is designed for stress.

It’s true, I do need to begin to study. I’m glad that this is my second to last finals week and that I will soon have only memories of this semester and a new appreciation for graduate engineers.

I find it hard to discover music that I like with Napster. With Windows Media Player, I was getting new music all the time but the auto playlists would assemble the tracks that I played all the time. With Napster, I’m at a loss. Unless I save songs to a playlist, they are gone forever. I never know where a song is that I added randomly and liked.

When I watched Casino Royale the other night and blogged about it, I mentioned the fact that one scene was in Mbale, Uganda. Yesterday, a American who is working in Uganda blogged about it and you can read his post “007“.

For the past few days, I have been wondering what Joey Porter said about Kellen Winslow, Jr. last weekend.  All the newspapers kept saying that he said a awful, derogatory homosexual slur.  He said “fag”.  I’m pretty sure that I have read worse and that I have heard Joey Porter say worse on national television.

Peace talks are starting today in Uganda.  Kony’s mother has promised an agreement in two weeks.  I guess even the leader of a notorious rebel group cannot go against his mommy.




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