and now a post about today

9 01 2007

So I started reading again and I also started posting again. Perhaps you’ve missed me in my absence. I know that I’ve missed the books.

I have poison ivy in January. If the inside of my album didn’t itch so much, I’d laugh.

I really didn’t do very much today. I’m still behind of emails, organization, and life.

I did make two resolutions for 2007:

  1. I will not drink soda pop in 2007.
  2. I will not eat at McDonald’s in 2007.

#2 isn’t really a big deal since I haven’t really done McDonald’s since May 2006. I think I’ve had coffee and a breakfast sandwich there since, but now it’s totally gone.

I should have written a post about Saddam Hussein’s execution.  It would have generated traffic.

My first job offer came through. Decision time is coming soon.




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