continuous rain

15 01 2007

It just keeps on raining.  I wake up, it’s raining.  I go to bed, it’s raining.  And it rains all night long.

Why on earth would O.J. Simpson write a book about how he would kill his wife?  When this story first broke, I wondered it then, but then the publisher destroyed all the copies of the book and fired the woman in charge of the project.  Now Newsweek has obtained a copy.  I think they should go ahead a publish it.

And what’s with the Condi Rice bashing?   I really don’t want to hear a Democrat say anything about women’s rights after those comments.

It turns out, not just anyone can be President.  You need $100 million dollars first.

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One response

15 01 2007

strange,…… was just browsing for rain . lol reached out at your blog.Anyways.. hope you get your answers and we get even grater blogs next time.

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