cultural confusion

13 03 2007

A Ugandan man near Boston told police that it was acceptable for a Ugandan man to beat a woman who did not obey him.  Not in the USA, pal.  I ran into quite a few cases of domestic abuse in Uganda and although this man has to be in the United States for him to be punished, it did make The Monitor in Uganda.  Hopefully, this will embarrass some of Uganda’s men and will cause them to see that they cannot continue to beat their wives and girlfriends.

Halliburton is moving to Dubai!  Hillary Clinton is all up in arms about this as are several other members of Congress.  I’m not sure how they think they can control where a company has its headquarters, but doggone if they aren’t going to make a stink about it.  Hillary wants to know if that means they are going to stop paying US taxes.  Of course, Hillary, let’s play the concerned patriot on this one.  Halliburton is moving because they see what is coming:  the new market for energy is Asia and the Middle East.  One thing that I can appreciate about this is that it draws more attention to Dubai and if Halliburton is moving there, they’re going to need some sweet offices and those offices need air conditioners.




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25 03 2007
Joshua Goldstein


Thanks for sending your blog my way. I’ll certainly add it to my list for further Global Voices posts. Keep up the good work, and stay tuned for a follow up piece on the piece you commented on.

thanks again


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