coming to a town near you

30 12 2006

Here are the places I have been in the past week or am going in the next week:

  • Grove City, PA
  • Brookfield, OH
  • Sharon, PA
  • Cleveland, OH
  • St. Catharines, Ontario
  • Grimsby, Ontario
  • Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario
  • Virgil, Ontario
  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • Indiana, PA
  • Washington, PA
  • Washington DC
  • Atlanta, GA

library thing

25 12 2006

So I’ve been using this for a little while, but not really entering things in it.  You can check it out now: My Library Thing.

merry christmas

24 12 2006

my feet hurt

23 12 2006

Retail sales is more painful than working construction.  Construction wins with the sunburn side of things though.


20 12 2006

Christmas break has started.  I have some nice posts mulling, they just aren’t quite ready yet.

Go read about the irrelevant church instead.

one more

18 12 2006

I have one final left.  I have one more to go.  I just want to be done.

I had a final at 7 PM on Saturday night.  Who does that?

I hate the Simpsons more than any other television show.

national coming out day

15 12 2006

If you are one of the almost 50 people who read this blog each day, leave a comment.  You don’t have to even leave your real name.

You’ve been reading all this prolific writing.  It’s time to come out.