cold feet

31 08 2009

It’s been a long time since I’ve had cold feet.  I woke up this morning and they were cold.  In fact, when I came home, they were still cold.  I decided I would ride my bike to the bank and then I realized that I had to wear something other than sandals because my feet were….cold.

It’s rather odd to admit that I haven’t worn anything besides sandals (or, I admit, Crocs) as casual footwear in almost two years.  Whether I was going to a restaurant, the mall, a movie, out for coffee, grocery shopping, Bible study, or anything else, I wouldn’t wear shoes.

It’s small things like this that remind me that I live in America again and it’s things like this that shock me to the reality that things were different in the past.

So months later, I still experience reverse culture shock.  It’s odd to think that it happens in your own culture, but in the past, I’ve found it to be more profound than the culture shock was.