snow, snow

3 11 2006

It snowed today.  There’s nothing on the ground, but it snowed all during my classes this morning.  I hear that in Erie they have 6″ right now.

Ted Haggard has given a huge blow to Christianity this week.  I didn’t know anything about Ted Haggard before this week and only heard of him through the Drudge Report headlines.  I did some reading and Googling to find some things on this guy and not just the information about his supposed pay-for-gay-sex scandal.  I watched this video by Richard Dawkins to see Ted Haggard in action.  (Now if your name is Deb Piroch you’ll hate this video because you’ll think that Richard Dawkins is not educated in Christianity, but I’ll save that idiocy for another time…)  I understand to a very small extent what it’s like to live in a fishbowl, not nearly to the extent of being the pastor of a 14,000 member church and the president of the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE), but come on.  Obviously, Haggard has done something wrong, even if it isn’t everything that his accuser has accused him of doing.  However, if he’s stepped down from New Life Church and resigned as the president of the NAE, he’s done something wrong.  From the news reports that are out right now, Haggard has admitted to receiving a massage from a gay prostitute and taking methamphetamines.  How did he possibly think he could get away with that?  Haggard is extremely political as a huge Bush supporter and an outspoken critic of homosexuality, especially homosexual marriage.

I know, the guy is human, prone to temptation, just like me and just like you.  It’s just disappointing to see a Christian leader fall in this way, adding fuel to the world’s fire.




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8 03 2012

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